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The MATTHEWS & WEBB Families of Brinkworth and Bristol, England

The CURTIS Family of Chewton Mendip and Bristol, England

The HIPPISLEY Family of Chewton Mendip and Bristol, England

The MATTHEWS & HEAD Families of Foxham and Bristol, England

The SMITH Family of Horfield and Bristol, England

The BODDY Family of Crediton and Bristol, England

The LAVER Family of North Cadbury and Bristol, England

The TOY Family of Wolverhampton, Devon and Bristol, England

The NATION & JENKINS Families of Somerset and Bristol, England

The WILLIAMS & ANDREWS Families of Newport, Wales and Bristol, England

The NECK Family of Newton Abbot, Lambeth, Newport, Bridgwater and Bristol, England

A Brief History of the HIPPISLEY Family

Additional Surnames

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