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Cyril Hebert Leslie LAVER and Dorothy Irene WILLIAMS on their wedding day in April 1943. From left to right are:
Ivy Phyllis DREW (nee TOY, holding her son Allen), Hilda TOY nee TURNER (behind Ivy), Edward CLEVELY,
Grace May CLEVELY (nee TOY), Edith Nellie LAVER (nee TOY), Emily WILLIAMS (nee TOY), Audrey Joyce WILLIAMS,
Eileen WILLIAMS (nee BROADBEAR), Cyril Herbert Leslie LAVER, William Edward Charles WILLIAMS,
Dorothy Irene WILLIAMS, Herbert Edgar WILLIAMS, Ethel Florence May CHIPPETT (nee WILLIAMS), Joyce CLEVELY,
Ada Emily WILLIAMS (nee NECK), John Albert Edgar TOY and Eveline Ada TOY (nee WILLIAMS).