An old sketch of King Street
An old sketch of King Street by Samuel Loxton, showing the five gabled houses that originally
stood between Welsh Back and Queen Charlotte Street. The houses were built in c. 1665 shortly after
King Street was laid out. The first two houses on the left (Nos. 1 and 2)
were destroyed by a German
bomb on 11th April 1941, but the other three remain. These surviving buildings
are now occupied by
the famous Llandoger Trow pub. The Llandoger originally only occupied No. 5 King Street, but in 1962
the pub and the other two surviving houses were bought by Berni Inns, who converted them into a bar
and restaurant.
The Llandoger was given its unusual name by one Captain Hawkins who sailed a
'trow' - a flat-bottomed barge or two-masted vessel - between South Wales
and Bristol before retiring
to run the pub. Llandogo is a fishing village on the River Wye in Wales and
may have been where
Hawkins originally came from.